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Forest Lake

Experience sound healing in the heart of Vancouver.


Our mission is to help clients achieve a state of deep relaxation, balance and inner peace through the power of sound.

We offer individual and group sound baths with tuning forks, sound bowls, guided meditation, breathwork, and energy healing.

We believe sound can promote physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Come feel the transformative power of sound therapy.


What is Sound Healing used for?

I view the energy body similar to the physical body, which can get knots and tangles. I've found sound healing one of the most powerful methods in releasing this energetic tension, creating more vitality. Sometimes people’s energy channels can be disconnected, stagnant, over congested, depleted, and stuck in a maladaptive pattern. This can happen from stress, emotions, injury, illness, diet, lifestyle, trauma, repetitive postures. By retraining the energy pathways and nervous system back to healthy flow, the body can be repatterned to harmony.

The sound vibrations are extremely powerful and can be used to break up tension in the physical body, similar to a massage.


Sound healing can help guide brainwaves and the parasympathetic nervous system into states of relaxation. It is also used for strengthening the aura, central channel, meridians, chakras, clearing old energies, stress, adrenal fatigue, physical tension, emotional wellness, and grounding. It is not a replacement for modern medicine. It works on the energy body, which can lead to more balance in the emotional, mental, and physical bodies.

Self Care

Sound healing can  be very relaxing to the nervous system and mind, so be gentle with yourself after a session. The sonic vibrations on the body are extremely powerful, which is why they are excellent at breaking up tension. But it can stimulate the lymphatic system similar to a massage, which can release toxins. It is important to drink water after to help flush this out, and take a salt bath or scrub with salt in the shower to release old energies and help with integration.

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Singing Bowl
Buddhist chime

Sound Therapist

Danielle has studied meditation & energy with masters, lamas, & rinpoches around the world for 15 years. She has received empowerments from Ling Rinpoche, Kalu Rinpoche, & His Holiness the Dalai Lama. She specializes in Tibetan Buddhism, Biofield tuning, pranic healing, eden energy, tuning forks, sound bowls, meditation, pranayama, vajra yoga, & nejang.

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