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Forest Path


Private and group sessions available in person and online.

      Studio Bookings at Glow Acupuncture Wellness


Sound Healing -in Studio

Experience a sonic massage as your journey begins with therapeutic vibrations of weighted forks on the body's meridian points to clear stagnant chi and release muscle tension. Next the sounds of the tuning forks are used around the body to help balance the aura, chakras, and central channel. Tuning fork therapy can help relax and retrain the nervous system to create more vitality and emotional balance. This is a Biofield Tuning session combined with a Sonic Meridian Flush.

Singing Bowl Sound Healing

Sound Bath - in Studio

Sound bowls are placed on and around the body, bringing in soothing vibrations. Tuning forks, and other instruments will be used to help guide you into deep rest allowing the body and nervous system to repair. The brain can often become entrained by the sound of bowls into theta or delta brainwaves, which can be extremely peaceful and sometimes create dreamlike visions. Rest, Relax, and Receive.


Biofield Tuning - Online - 1 hr

Tuning Forks are used to promote balance in chakras, aura, and central channel. Offered via zoom with cameras off so you can relax and receive

Reiki Treatment

Energy Healing & Acupressure Bodywork - 90mins

Includes assessment of client's energy needs. Weighted forks are used on the body's meridian points to help stimulate chi and prepare the body to receive energy. Key acupressure points are gently held and massaged along the spine, head and body. Chakras are cleared and balanced, aura strengthened. Protocols from Pranic Healing, Eden Energy Medicine, Cranial Sacral, Crystal Healing, to help relax and recharge.


Breathwork & Energy Yoga

Guided Breathwork, mantra, Tibetan energy meditations to clear your aura, quiet the mind, and connect to oneness. Learn powerful techniques to purify old energies, strengthen your aura, increase vitality, and tap into divine bliss. Stilling the mind is easy with the right techniques. I'm a Vajra Yoga Teacher, specializing in Tibetan inner sciences, mantras, nejang, tummo, kalachakra, as well as a Chopra Meditation Teacher. I support H.H. the Dalai Lama's mission to now share the inner sciences with the public and help them achieve self mastery.

Yoga Class

Rose Sound Bath + Cacao Events

Experience a sound bath & Cacao ceremony for heart opening bliss. We create beauty with the scent of rose aromatherapy, and fresh roses. A short guided meditation, mantra, breathwork to help our minds and bodies relax. Then lay back on your yoga mat and get cozy as you listen to the sound bowls and other instruments guiding you into deep rest. We provide ceremonial grade cacao infused with rose. Space is limited, so tickets must be purchased in advance. These sessions can also be attended via zoom.

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